Our Mission

Forcefield is a non-agenda driven human rights organization; that is, we are not tied to any political ideology, sources of information or funding; and we are NOT anti-US or anti-Israel. We take on those human rights issues that the "human rights industry" and the "civilized world" would rather ignore, beginning with the persecution of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh. While several individuals and even some governments have expressed concern about these human rights abuses, an effective fight to put an end to them remains elusive. Moreover, the UN and the major human rights organizations, like Amnesty International, have refused to take up these causes. Forcefield will!

Forcefield is also committed to supporting those Muslims who hold beliefs in opposition to radical Islamists but do not feel empowered to express them, perhaps even out of fear for their lives. There is no denying the epic conflict between free societies and radical Islamists who have made their imperialistic and deadly intentions clear. Forcefield is committed to helping those individuals in the Muslim world who share our ideals of freedom and justice. And we believe that their empowerment is a major key to victory over tyranny.

Defending Human Rights around the world represents the best in all of us. Helping those who are powerless in the face of oppression is one of the highest obligations in almost every faith. The notion of Human Rights transcends politics, wealth, social position, and even whether or not the victims are sympathetic characters. But in practice, things are anything but that. The self-styled "defenders of human rights" form an institutional nexus in which the actors share a similar political agenda that tends to define who they will support and who they will ignore. It has disenfranchised a range of victims who do not conform to their definition of political correctness and the world view of their constituents. Those victims have included a Muslim journalist who was jailed and tortured after exposing the rise of radical jihadists, victims of Palestinian terrorism from Hamas and Fatah equally, victims of anti-Semitism disguised as political debate, and the millions of Bangladeshi and Pakistani Hindus whose targeted victimization has proceeded for decades without a word of outrage from the "civilized world." This studied ignorance and tolerance for atrocities has not only disenfranchised many people worldwide, but it also has set up a false moral equivalency between victims and victimizers based not on notions of decency but on their political agendas.

FORCEFIELD has been established to rectify that. It will defend those who have been disenfranchised from the Human Rights industry and its political agenda. It will give voice to those whose struggles are kept silent by their victimizers and by the deliberate inaction of those who are supposed to defend them. FORCEFIELD also eschews that false moral equivalency and will condemn not only those who support terrorism, but also those who maintain the ideological machine that seeks to justify it.
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